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Digital Retinal Camera

Digital Retinal imaging is a high resolution photographic system which details the retina and can be used to establish a wellness baseline and to follow critical retinal developments throughout life.

Any routine eye exam should always include a careful assessment of the retina to screen for abnormalities or disease. The sensitive tissue that makes up the retina is susceptible to a variety of diseases that can ultimately lead to partial loss of vision or even complete blindness. Early detection of any retinal abnormality is thus crucial.

Of particular concern to the doctors at EyeKrafters Optical are retinal problems like macular degeneration, retinal holes or detachments; and systemic diseases like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension. These conditions, which often develop without warning or symptoms, are progressive and can lead to serious health and eye problems including partial loss of vision or blindness.

Images from previous years can be placed side-by-side on the computer screen for comparison with that day's retinal image. These images can also be e-mailed to other physicians for consultation or when a patient moves out of the area.

digital retinal camera at Edison eye doctor